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    West Ham Untied FC v Southampton

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    Re: West Ham Untied FC v Southampton

    Post  Campo on Sun 21 Oct 2012, 1:27 pm

    Jussi worries me too i have to admit , and the ginger one who keeps getting caught out big time

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    Re: West Ham Untied FC v Southampton

    Post  Nicki on Sun 21 Oct 2012, 4:56 pm

    Particularly worried about Ginge. And why does Jussi go to his knees all the time? Saying his prayers?
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    Re: West Ham Untied FC v Southampton

    Post  Admin on Mon 22 Oct 2012, 4:37 pm

    A view from the oppos ( nicked from kumb )

    Southampton fans have their say after their team were thumped at the Boleyn Ground on Saturday afternoon...

    Tactically, Adkins got it spot on first half. Saints dominated without really threatening too much. West Ham didn't even have a sniff. Then came the all-too-familiar suicidal two minutes and the game was over. Both goals were 'gifts' in the extreme. I can't quite fathom how Boruc was at fault, though. He wasn't as bad as many have pointed out. It's quite easy to beat Saints at the moment - we just implode. We dominated large parts of the game and lost 4-1. West Ham didn't string more than two passes together. Funny game football.
    - Suomi Saint

    It's all very well playing God knows how many passes sideways and backwards while the opposition get ten men formed up in a defensive shield then try to pick them apart. We have possession but we aren't hurting the opposition. We were undone by a lack of defensive organisation. Yesterday we formed up all right but as soon as the WHU attackers went forward we dropped right on top of the keeper causing the chaos. We need a top class defensive coach to sort it out.
    - derry

    Adkins tactics worked well for 45 minutes but we needed to change. West Ham just sat back at home and took the first half boos, bringing us on to them and stretching us to an extent to open us up. If we had sat back a bit more and drew them out, our defence would have been more compact and our attack would have had a bit more space. Nothing much to say about the defence as we have all seen it a few times before. The selection of Boruc made sense especially when you saw him alongside of Carrol, no way was he getting bullied but Gazza was unlucky there.
    - up and away

    Very poor again today. West Ham must have been rubbing their hands with glee when the team sheet came out and they saw that Saints would be starting the match with 10 players. What does Guly bring to the team, can anyone truly say? West Ham did not look that great and I think we have gone downhill since last season.
    - tobes8

    In the first half it was all Saints but with no end product. Leaving our best player (Lambert) on the bench is suicidal in this division, if we had gone infront it could (and maybe should) have been a different result. The major issue is our defending; why did we get rid of Wally Downes, who is now at west ham? He seems to have sorted them out. At least our support was immense and Upton Park aint far off the emirates for silence.
    - rick1976.4.38

    As simple as it sounds we got 'Fat Sam-ed'. We lost because Carroll goes down quicker than a Thai hooker and they exploited it with devastating effect. Cheating at its finest as they were SHOCKING, the most abysmally bad footballing side in the football league, Burton Albion and Gillingham would have been ashamed of that type of performance! When Lambert came on we should have made it 2-2 and the game would have been ours as West Ham had no answer for us controlling the ball. Instead we played into that diving ****'s hands and failed miserably.
    - pingwing

    The gameplan worked a treat in the first half albeit against a very poor, predictable side. We commanded the midfield, my biggest fear going into the game, and won most second balls. Individual mistakes - not formations - cost us and the timing of the first and second goals knocked the stuffing out of us. Even then we managed to rally and nicked a goal but the penalty -needlessly conceded - killed it. Lambert had some of his poorest games against West Ham last season, making Winston Reid look like a world-beater, and didn't really trouble them after he came on. Whether that justifies dropping a potential matchwinner though is debatable.
    - shurlock

    The referee was an absolute joke, as was the linesman nearest to us. Carroll went down very easily all game and play-acted... But neither of our centre-backs, particularly Hooiveld, got the message! They constantly had their arms around him which just gave him licence to go down and win a lot of free kicks, one of which they scored from, and the penalty.
    - northernsaint

    I think we might be seeing here just how much we overachieved last season. That said, we're still outside the relegation zone - for now - and it looks like this could be a record low season for achieving safety. I like Adkins, and I think we should keep hold of him, but pressure is inevitably going to build now and that will have its own effect on the team. Might be we need to change manager just to drag us out of the spiral of pressure and low confidence, but not just yet. Learn what we can from this, draw a line, and on to the next game.
    - Jimmy_D

    I'm still in shock we lost today. We've been told for the the last few months Carroll is a carthorse, Allerdyce is a crap manager who hasn't got a clue and Wet Spam (lol) were a crap team who will go back down. We are far better than them, we were told. It should have been easy...
    - Turkish

    Some very sour peeps amongst them , the Turk needs a reality check
    Tony P
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    Re: West Ham Untied FC v Southampton

    Post  Tony P on Mon 22 Oct 2012, 8:43 pm

    Campo wrote:Jussi worries me too i have to admit , and the ginger one who keeps getting caught out big time

    Our whole back 5 worries me TBH. We have to face some of the best strikers around in Nov/Dec too

    Reid still worries me as much as Collins. Reid's positioning (or lack of it) when the ball came into Lallana for their goal was amateur. He was ball-watching like a schoolboy and we got punished for it

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    Re: West Ham Untied FC v Southampton

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