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    Spurs V West Ham United FC

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    Re: Spurs V West Ham United FC

    Post  Dan C on Tue 24 Dec 2013, 10:10 am

    Was a hell of a night. I was in a seat three rows from the front, right behind the goal, immediately next to the Tottenham fans, with a friendly row of Met Police between us. The Tottenham fans got very frustrated as we turned each of their songs on them - "when the Spurs go marching in" turned into us telling them that we wanted to "be in that number when the Spurs go 3-0 down", while their taunting of us being their "feeder club" was immediately altered to "3-0 to the feeder club"!

    You all know what happened so I won't go into details (it's Christmas Eve and I don't have time!). Although I will say I have had a song prepared for weeks in case Maiga scored and, with 5 minutes to go in a Cup quarter-final standing right next to the Tottenham fans, it couldn't have presented itself at a better time. Seconds after the goal and with celebrations immediately from it starting to settle, I started to roar (rather than sing):

    Maiga just scored
    Maiga just sco-o-ored
    How sh!t must you be?!
    Maiga just scored

    The lads next to me started joining in, then the rows behind until it sounded like all 4,200 were doing it. The best thing was that, with them being one goal from extra-time, none of the Tottenham fans could bring themselves to leave so they had to suffer right until the last! Lovely jubbly! I then followed that up with "Modibo Maiga" to the tune of Man Utd's "Ooh Robin van Persie", which continued on and off until they released us from the ground 20 minutes later. Tony Gale came down to applaud us and join in the celebrations at close hand too. Wonderful night, as we beat Tottenham's first team with our reserves!
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    Re: Spurs V West Ham United FC

    Post  Abbi Normal on Tue 24 Dec 2013, 11:41 am

    oh yesss ..... they hated it when we reworded their songs ...... we had one near us was kissing the badge most of the game ... so animated that even his fellow spurts were getting the hump with him .... he eventually covered up his colours and slid off with a final wankers sign .... it was a wonderful night even after when about 8 spurs fans decided to attack the homeward bound hammers in the highstreet ...... shame they didnt realise there was over a thousand hammers there and came quite unstuck .... firm member Mr Taylor demonstrated a classic roundhouse kick to one of them who is probably still nursing a broken rib or two .... all over in a flash ...... its so easy at the lane !
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    Re: Spurs V West Ham United FC

    Post  Jiggs on Tue 24 Dec 2013, 1:56 pm

    lalala  ........ said the spurts fans.

    Top post Dan, awesome support ...  clap


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    Re: Spurs V West Ham United FC

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