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    Post  Hungry Hammer 66 on Mon 20 Jan 2014, 4:55 pm

    Saw this on line, mirrors what I've been banging on about and thought it worth sharing

    The only press conference I want to see from BFS is the one where he does the honourable thing and falls on his sword, however he won't be willing to do that as he and his media pals would not be able to spin it that he had not failed and had been cheated out of the chance of fielding a full strength team and our current shambles is not his fault. Also the two Daves will not sack him as historically they have supported their managers and I can't see that changing now. We are beginning to suffer the same problems as attracting decent players as Stoke, decent players don 't want to play hoofball and don't want to have their records tainted by an association with that type of boring, pragmatic, long ball football. Also BFS is unable or unwilling to alter his tired tactics, for years his media pals have portrayed BFS as a forward thinking manager who is unafraid to put innovations in medical science and sports science, surely the sign of a good coach is one who has a Plan B that he can put into place when Plan A has been found out? He has no interest in attractive attacking football from his first press conference he poured scorn and distain on the West Ham style of football. Also his record with young players is abysmal, how many of BFS's first team have a decent resale value, very little I'd be willing to bet and most of those are players he has inherited rather than bought or developed. The Daves master plan for the OS involves attracting new fans to the club, how many neutrals will pay top dollar to see Allardyceball? If we are relegated which is looking more and more inevitable as the days go on, we need to regroup and build something better from the ashes of what BFS will leave, look at what Southampton and Swansea have achieved, promotion and consolidation all while playing attractive attacking football, also Southampton have managed this while bringing through young players who fit in well with the current system and can be sold on a profit if a good enough offer comes in. BFS OUT!

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