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    Odious Hearn gives up the OS - for a settlement

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    Odious Hearn gives up the OS - for a settlement

    Post  Campo on Tue 01 Jul 2014, 3:38 pm

    from the BBC

    Leyton Orient Football Club has settled a dispute with the Premier League over its decision to allow West Ham to occupy the Olympic Stadium.

    West Ham was declared as the anchor tenant for the stadium in March 2013 and will pay £2m a year in rent.

    Leyton Orient had feared West Ham's tenancy would affect the number of fans attending its own matches nearby.

    It says it has now reached a "confidential agreement" in its dispute.

    In September, Leyton Orient's written application for judicial review into tenancy of the stadium was rejected.

    West Ham is expected to move into it from August 2016.

    side note Mr Hearn took offence on twitter when I said it was all about the money    

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    Re: Odious Hearn gives up the OS - for a settlement

    Post  SemiOldIron on Tue 01 Jul 2014, 9:09 pm

    Those of us that know Mr Hearn of old will be wondering if this was actually agreed before he put the O's up for sale, with the proviso that it should be let out after his announcement. Otherwise it would look like he just wanted to trouser the cash before clearing off, wouldn't it. He's been desperate to find someone - anyone - who would give him some money to go away, and now at last he has. I hope and pray that it was a lot less than his legal bills. Twat. Toilet 

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