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    Morton FC mascot ‘catnapped and decapitated’


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    Morton FC mascot ‘catnapped and decapitated’

    Post  daib0 on Wed 23 Jul 2014, 4:37 pm

    Morton mascot ‘catnapped and decapitated’

    POLICE are investigating a break-in at Greenock Morton which resulted in the theft of expensive sound equipment - as well as the First Division football club’s official mascot. The burglars left behind Cappie the Cat’s chopped-off hands and feet at the stadium and dumped its severed head in a nearby garden. The torso and tail are still missing.

    The weekend burglary at the tannoy room at Cappielow has outraged fans. On a fan forum, one wrote: “RIP Cappie. Sad thing is its probably too expensive to replace in the meantime.”

    Sergeant Stuart Drake of Greenock police told the Greenock Telegraph: “At the time of the break-in the ground wasn’t being used. Entry was forced into the tannoy room and the PA mixing desk stolen. The club mascot, Cappie the Cat, was also stolen. Its hands and feet were later recovered at the scene and its head found in a nearby garden. The body is still uncovered.”

    Police are appealing for information from the public over the incident.

    This ISN'T A WIND-UP; it's right here!: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    I'm sure you'll get along fine with the official club mascot, 'Cappie the Cat'

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