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    FAO .................. Nikki and Stoobs .... I think you missed this

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    FAO .................. Nikki and Stoobs .... I think you missed this

    Post  Jiggs on Sat 23 Aug 2014, 12:31 pm

    Code : 526467-134619
    Ok .... it appears that we have two Cockney Boys Classic leagues.  

    The only way around it is for us all to join the new one, and then Abbi can delete the old one.

    At the moment we are all in the new one, except Nikki (Chezzie Irons) and Stoobs (I'm a lemon FC) ... lol.  

    So you two, need to log in, click Leagues, click join a league, choose private league and then click next.  Add the code above and then click Join a private league.  

    Re-click on leagues, and you will see the two Cockney boys classic .... It's the one that starts with a Captial 'C' that you need to leave. It might be an idea if we all complete this part to avoid any further confusion.


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