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    Downing's England recall


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    Downing's England recall

    Post  SemiOldIron on Wed 19 Nov 2014, 9:23 pm

    Can someone with a better grasp of tactics than me please tell me what role Woy actually wanted Stewart Downing to perform on Tuesday night? He looked bewildered most of the time. He was hardly involved in any forward moves, and you would hardly play him for his defensive capabilities, surely. Was he supposed to be marking one of the haggis-bashers who didn't actually turn up, maybe? Did he get left out of most of the tactical coaching sessions? Or could it be - perish the thought -  that he was played in completely the wrong position??

    Forget it, Stewart. If Woy's coaching staff can't find a way to use the ability that you have amply demonstrated this season, then sod 'em. Get back to UP and just carry on as before.
    Tony P
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    Re: Downing's England recall

    Post  Tony P on Wed 19 Nov 2014, 9:36 pm

    It is typical of England - not just since Hodgson has been in charge. Pick a player based on the good form he is showing in his position at club level - and play him in a different position !

    He didn't look comfortable out there last night. His first two touches were awful. When he did have the ball (which wasn't often) he used the ball well as we know he can. I cannot honestly say that he took his chance well. Being given the hook at half time didn't help either

    James Milner on the other hand spent most of the game giving the ball to the opposition but he will be in the next squad
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    Re: Downing's England recall

    Post  mottinghammer on Thu 20 Nov 2014, 11:23 am

    yeah that Feel much better when our players do not get picked for Eng-er-land, at least they don't get crocked playing against championship opposition like the Jockenese.

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    Re: Downing's England recall

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