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    Post  Campo on Tue 27 Jan 2015, 7:06 pm

    read to the end rofl

    Ryan Wilson hit Ally Maclay in Barbeque Kings fast food shop in Glasgow

    Assault trial told of 'Batman punch'
    Rugby players face assault trial
    A Scottish international rugby player has been found guilty of punching a fellow player in a fast food shop in Glasgow while he was dressed as Batman.

    Glasgow Warrior Ryan Wilson hit Glasgow Hawks captain Ally Maclay after a Halloween night out on 27 October 2013.

    Mr Maclay, 30, was dressed as Tweedledee during the incident at Barbeque Kings in the city's west end.

    Wilson, 25, previously pleaded guilty to assaulting another man minutes earlier that night. He was fined £750.

    During the trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Wilson admitted assaulting Gavin Quinn, by pulling him onto the floor.

    'Unprovoked attack'
    Fining Wilson £250 for the assault on Mr Quinn and £500 for the assault on Mr Maclay, Sheriff Martin Jones QC told the rugby player that both assaults "appeared to be unprovoked" and within a short time of one another, and after drinking alcohol.

    He added: "There's nothing unusual about that situation."

    Wilson was originally charged, along with Ryan Grant, 29, a Glasgow Warrior and British Lion, and fellow Warrior Rory Hughes, 21, of kicking and stamping on Mr Maclay to his severe injury during the incident at the shop on Great Western Road.

    Following the trial, the jury found Wilson guilty of punching Mr Maclay only, but not kicking and stamping on him, and found the charge against the other two not proven.

    During the trial the court heard how the rugby players had entered the fast food shop after a Halloween night out.

    Wilson wanted to sit in the booth beside Mr Quinn so he could speak to his rugby colleague, Richie Vernon - who was dressed as a shark - but he was told to go away.

    Wilson put his foot on the table in a bid to climb over into the seat, but Mr Quinn pushed it away.

    'Leave it Batman'
    He then grabbed hold of Mr Quinn and pulled him from the seat on to the floor and there was a bit of a struggle between the men which "fizzled off".

    Mr Maclay then came in to the food shop and was told by his friend what had happened to him.

    When Mr Quinn spoke again with Wilson, Mr Maclay said "leave it Batman" before he was punched by Wilson and fell to the ground.

    He grabbed Mr Quinn as he stumbled back and Wilson landed on the floor with them.

    The court heard that a minion, a red crayon and others in fancy dress were nearby as the incident unfolded.

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    Re: Hilarious

    Post  SemiOldIron on Tue 27 Jan 2015, 9:41 pm

    Please, please , please - can the burger place put the CCTV on YouTube??
    Johnny K

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    Re: Hilarious

    Post  Johnny K on Wed 28 Jan 2015, 8:48 am

    "Leave it Batman"  Brilliant.

    I remember reading an article a few years back about a feud out in Norfolk, or somewhere up that way, that was sparked by one bloke calling another something like a "space cowboy".  It escalated until one of them killed the other!

    Also, did anyone see the fancy dress brawl at a darts tournament in Aus?  No film, only photos which is a great shame.  It was captioned "Batman fights Darth Vader while some Oompa loompas look on"

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