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    Post  daib0 on Fri 13 Feb 2015, 1:15 pm

    Couldn't find a 'silly thread' for short one-line corny jokes, so here goes!!

    •I used to have a job drilling holes for water. It was well boring.

    •I got stuck in a traffic jam. The traffic report said the road workers had played two games of football, in dance costumes, on the gravel. And the sports report confirmed, it was tu-tu on aggregate.

    •I’m not very tech savvy. Maybe it’s my age. I’ve been trying to download this video on incontinence. Problem is, it’s just continually streaming.

    •My friend has a daily blog, posting at length about her breakfast. It’s always nothing but waffle.

    •I got into a pointless argument with the manager at the local garden centre, when he suggested I needed decking.

    •I have a very cute kitten, but he does get everywhere. Recently, he got his feet caught under my Sky Box, and now my telly’s permanently on paws.

    •My Roman friend won’t go and see the film Poison Ivy until he’s been to see the films Poison 1 ...

    •If you take a Daily Mirror poll, you may find that most of its readers are Labour party supporters. If you take a Telegraph poll, you may find that most of your wires fall down.

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