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    West Ham vs Crystal Palace


    Arran H

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  Arran H on Sat 28 Feb 2015, 5:36 pm

    Come our fixture against Sunderland in two weeks time we could if we lose Wednesday n Saturday be in the bottom half of the season !! I hope I`m wrong but I can our season dropping from the chance of finishing in the top 10 to ACTUALLY finishing in the bottom half - how embarrassing that would be for the club

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  westhamonkey on Sat 28 Feb 2015, 7:45 pm

    pretty much the worse case scenario - we fucked up and the two teams below us both won - meaning one of them is no longer below us and the other is level on points with us.

    terrible performance all round.

    no other excuses or reasons other than we didn't play well against a team who wanted to win and played like they did.

    We had 22 shots but only managed to get 5 on target.

    we lost to a shitty bottom half team by playing poorly and not taking our chances.

    yet Sam played the 11 players almost everyone wanted (and as was said in an earlier post - 'that's our best starting 11")

    We got what we deserved out of this game... and we'll get what we deserve out of this season, which at the moment looks like having gone from 4th place on Xmas day to all the way into the bottom half of the table by next week...

    Kray JR

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  Kray JR on Sun 01 Mar 2015, 12:20 am

    Just seen the goals, all 3 avoidable, shambolic defending. Song came flying out to win the header on the first goal and completely missed it the fupp up completed with Cresswells slice. Reid getting completely out jumped and out muscled by Dann for the second and then Tomkins no challenge at all for the third. I'm sure one of our under performing players will make a comment saying we will bounce back and then fail to do it as per usual.

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  alfiehammer on Sun 01 Mar 2015, 8:25 am

    Charlie Ham wrote:The difference was they wanted it and ours did not.

    Just like the WBA game.

    See that worries me, having a motivated team that plays to its strengths and fights for one another and Sam should be a Sam speciality. His party trick.
    Hungry Hammer 66
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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  Hungry Hammer 66 on Sun 01 Mar 2015, 12:14 pm

    Lame, Tame, Head Hung In Shame.

    The uncertainty hanging over Fat Sam's future and his rift with Sullivan can only have a negative effect on the club and the performance of the team who for 80 mins yesterday where completely off the pace.

    I may be wrong but can only see our season petering out with a whimper as Rolladice, who to me looks like a man who knows he is not getting another contract and with pre season targets pretty much hit, the club will go through the motions until his departure.

    As you all know I've never been a fan not only of his signings and tactics in the first two years, building the whole team and style around Sick Note but mainly because from day one he, treated the club, our history and identity and the fans with complete arrogant contempt and never hid the fact.

    The sooner he is gone the sooner we can move on and please God be UNITED once again under a new manager who understands that THE WEST HAM WAY isn't just a throw away phrase describing a nostalgic style of play from our golden era but is also about our East End history and our identity as a cult club with cult fans and we are "Moore Than A Football Club"

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  RichB on Sun 01 Mar 2015, 2:47 pm

    Hungry Hammer 66 wrote:...please God be UNITED once again under a new manager who understands that THE WEST HAM WAY isn't just a throw away phrase describing a nostalgic style of play from our golden era but is also about our East End history and our identity as a cult club with cult fans and we are "Moore Than A Football Club"

    Ironically it was Alan Pardew who coined the phrase "Moore Than Just a Football Club"
    Charlie Ham

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  Charlie Ham on Sun 01 Mar 2015, 4:09 pm

    What really worries me is that on paper that was our best 11 we could have picked yesterday.
    Motivation is missing from our players and we had very little leadership in the team.
    Looks like SAM could be on his way but we need a good replacement.
    Pardew anyone?

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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

    Post  westhamonkey on Mon 02 Mar 2015, 1:29 am

    This might not be a cool thing to say... but I have to get it off my chest as it's been bothering me since the 38th minute of the game yesterday...

    First off... Dylan Tombides - top bloke. A tragedy no one should have to deal with.

    Second off... The DT38 trust/cancerthing - very noble and full respect to the club for it

    Personal Admission... I lost my whole family to cancer - so no bollix about me being heartless or not understanding... I understand too much.

    But here's me thought...

    This came during the actual time it happened so it's not something I dreamt up last night or this morning with the benefit of hindsight.

    At 38 minutes into the game there as an officially sanctioned and well supported stadium full of applause for poor Dlan, his family and the up coming DT38 trust thing...

    Now as this happened the applause was very loud... dominating the stadium... the comms on the telly was talking about Dylan, cancer, the trust, etc...

    And I'm sitting there watching Palace suddenly getting a grip on the game... pressing forward... and all I can hear is the commentator talking about the DT38 and the noise of the applause... and it was so loud on the telly that I was thinking... jesus... this is a nice thing to do and all... but surely is this the right time and place... it's in the middle of a match we're supposed to be concentrating on... I wonder if this is at all off putting to the players???

    And Palace seemed to be playing through it... but I couldn't get the thought out of my head that was it really a good idea... surely the players can hear it and know what it's about...

    And I felt kinda bad for thinking such a thing when it's about such a noble thing... but the thought kept persisting...

    The applause kept on and on because whoever came up with the idea had decided it should take a full minute of applause...

    And so it did...

    38 minutes to 39 minutes... deafening applause...

    40:10 Corner, Crystal Palace. Conceded by Alexandre Song.

    40:34 Goal scored West Ham United 0, Crystal Palace 1. Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) header from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Jason Puncheon with a cross following a corner.

    And I couldn't help but think that maybe all that noise and commotion had put the players off their stride... they would all have 'been in on it' they would all have known what it was about... most if not all of them would have known Dylan and been aware and probably affected by his death...

    So it got me thinking... in a pretty uninspiring but tight game... did this event throw the West Ham players enough for them to get momentarily sloppy and concede a corner and then miss hit a clearance and slice the ball into the back of the net and basically change the course of the game.

    You know like how sometimes a player gets injured or a player is thought to be offside and one team kinda slows down, loses concentration for a moment while the other team continues to play on and gets some kind of advantage from it...

    (of course, none of this ridiculous theory explains why we were so pants in the second half or why we capitulated against Tottenham or ballsed up against West Brom)

    But I just wondered wouldn't it have been a little more prudent to have done the whole DT38 thing at half time when it wouldn't have affected anything and could have still held the attention of the crowd?

    Anyway... this is the kinda shit that goes through my head when I'm watching my beloved West Ham...


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    Re: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

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