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    Post  Stevenage Dave on Fri 27 Mar 2015, 11:40 am

    Is everybody so happy with mid-table obscurity that no-one needs to rant any more?  Let me get you started:

    • Zayn bloody Malik leaving One Dire Erection  because he wants to live life as a normal, everyday, 22 year-old, world famous, multi-millionaire. Yeah right, Zayn - gonna give away your dosh and start delivering pizzas then mate?  Course you are...


    • How do you decide which of the privileged nerds you'd like to run the country? Well, if the papers are anything to go by, you have to decide whose kitchen you like best. Cutting edge political reporting my ARSE! That's gonna engage people who are disillusioned with politics ain't it? And who's the breath of fresh air who's gonna transform British politics and break the mould of the upper-class elite party leaders? Nigel bloody Farage: Son of a Stockbroker, privately educated at Dulwich College, member of the Conservatives as a schoolboy, worked as a broker in the City.  Well THAT'S a fresh fuppin' face if ever I saw one...

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    • Oh,and shall I take a bit of time out to relax on social media? What have my lovely chums posted on Facebook today?   "I just won a melon and a donkey playing a kid's game on my phone" No, I DON'T want to play it! "Share this if you love puppies; if you don't share it it means you hate me and a puppy will die".  Well, I AM starting to hate you and the puppy can take its chances.  "My kids are Soooo cute!" No, they're not.  They're ugly 'cos they take after you but I'll press "Like" 'cos I'd hate your tears to fuse that new phone you're so sodding proud of.  "50 gurning photos of us in Sharm el Sheikh".  I'm glad you had a nice holiday, but there's only so many pictures I can stand of you and your chums grinning over cocktails in your hermetically-sealed, air-conditioned, all-inclusive bubble in a land of religious and political turmoil while the locals work for a pittance and pi$$ in your soup.

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    • And don't get me STARTED on drag-along suitcases, Baby on Board signs, Ant and bloody Dec, The Daily Mail, Kanye West or any of the rest of life's little irritants.  Bunch of energy-sapping, mood-darkening, off-fuppin' ARSE!!!


    Mmm..that's better - on a half day today, nice... Very Happy
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    Post  westhamonkey on Fri 27 Mar 2015, 6:10 pm

    I hear ya Dave... but living as I do in the good olde U.S of yay... they have a different view... I'm totally pissed off with our current run of form and mid-table obscurity... but no one here likes anything negative being said about your sports team because sport is bigger than religion here (and way more believable)

    So yes... I am totally mad at the fact we were 4th in the Prem at Crimes but am now floating around 9th/10th and could quite conceivably end in the bottom half... (despite three out of next four games being eminently winnable)

    So eff all that...

    But what gets me even madder is everything else that's going on in the world that people don't care to give two shits about...

    This is the stuff that's currently getting me mad... and I'm afraid football is kinda way down the list...

    In no particular order...

    FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)
    Yes... this is actually a 'thing' - something that should at best be a skin-crawlingly interesting deviation in the SAW movie series is actually a thing in the real world... something parents do to their daughters... something that even happens in places like the UK...

    Equal Pay for Women
    It's 2015 and we're still having this debate... Two thousand and fifteen... and people still either actively or passively agree with the notion that a woman should be paid less than a man for doing the same job...
    We're a bunch of fupping idiots...

    Never before in human history have companies been allowed to run roughshod over the general population - and the majority of us just kinda look bleary eyed and go 'huh?'
    There's even a new examination of their own research about whether their bullshit products are decimating bees... and they got the results wrong... they just hose to pick the explanation they wanted/needed instead of what the results actually showed 9just like I did in my psychology 'A' level practical exam)

    I'm living in a country where potential (and actually) elected officials believe that the Earth.. the planet we live on... is only 6,000 years old... where a state governor has just signed into law the 'religious freedom' bill whereby any business can claim it is merely exercising its religious freedom if it chooses to discriminate against gay customers - seriously... not only is this now a 'thing' - it's actually become a law in Indiana.

    The Police and the Law
    I don't know if you guys get to see John Oliver's "This Week Tonight" on the telly over there... it's becoming the go-to place to learn just how fucked up this world is... the latest revelation is how the poor are being targeted through fines and penalties to actually finance the running of small towns and municipalities... there's one jurisdiction that actually derives 60 per cent SIXTY PER CENT of it income from fines and penalties...

    Income Disparity
    It's just almost beyond description, belief... explanation... but it's one of the most fundamental problems facing mankind at the moment...

    And that's just the stuff off the top of my head as I type... don't get me started on the rest...
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    Post  Campo on Sat 28 Mar 2015, 2:07 am

    I Will have a rant, in new york at the moment, yesterday was horrifying, a couple of blocks down some micky mouse gas engineer that was already due up in court was working on a gas supply to a building, and royally fucked it, the explosion was immense, the fire was unbelievable,
    250 firefighters, 3 collapsed buildings, 19 injured , 4 critical, 2 missing
    Seeing what I saw yesterday is a drop in the ocean compared to what 9/11 must have been, I visited the site today and the area of ground zero is massive, frightening.
    Even Now as I type the FDNY are still on site at yesterday's disaster , 30 hrs later.

    I came to pay respect to those lost at the world trade centre when at the time I thought I had lost a friend in the towers, I was lucky, he got shit faced the night before and had not reached work that day
    today there are dead, injured , homeless and businesses destroyed because some assole wants to cut corners when working with gas pipes, Rant over

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