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    Post  daib0 on Tue 10 Nov 2015, 7:09 pm


    A busker came up to us the other day & played us a lovely song. Smiling, I asked if he did requests
    "sure" he replied
    "good, then p*ss off"

    As I was walking through the town I stopped to listen to a busker playing the old Status Quo song 'Down Down' on a guitar. I put a fiver in his hat and I thanked him for bringing back memories of a very happy time for me.
    "Did it remind you of the first time she went down on you?" He asked.
    "No," I replied, it was at her funeral two years ago."

    Breaking News : 'busker Hits Man With Guitar'.
    Apparently the bloke had a string of assaults against him...

    I was walking through the town and I saw a scruffy busker playing a guitar so I put a pound in his hat,
    "Thank you sir, " he said, "but I am actually David Tapple, you probably know me better as the Gainer. Just seeing how people react to buskers in general and you actually have been the most generous today so I have our new album and a vip pair of concert tickets for you."

    I was so shocked I could hardly speak, but when I did I said,

    "You cheeky ****, give me my f**** pound back and sell your sh*** the normal way. "
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    Post  Campo on Wed 11 Nov 2015, 11:16 am

    cheesey grin

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