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    Transgender 'guy' - she's locked up in all male prison!


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    Transgender 'guy' - she's locked up in all male prison!

    Post  daib0 on Sun 22 Nov 2015, 10:48 am

    Western Daily Press

    A transgender woman who was born a man has been sent to an all-male prison sparking fears for her safety.

    Tara Hudson, 26, has lived as a female all of her adult life and undergone six years of gender reconstruction surgery.

    Her mother condemned the move and said her daughter's own doctor had confirmed that she is now a woman.

    But magistrates sentenced Miss Hudson to 12 weeks inside an all-male Bristol prison after she admitted assault because her passport states she is still a man.

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    It's a difficult one really. She could now get her passport changed after a ruling a couple of years ago. Surely 'she' would be in severe danger in a mans' prison? I mean, those photos ARE quite hot, looks totally a gorgeous woman !!

    But which prison she should go?

    A male prison?
    A female prison?
    A mixed prison of some type?
    Avoid prison?

    The law perhaps needs looking at and changing.... what do you think?

    manurewa hammer

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    Re: Transgender 'guy' - she's locked up in all male prison!

    Post  manurewa hammer on Fri 27 Nov 2015, 11:56 pm

    She can come to my cell anytime!

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