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    Farewell Boleyn

    Tony P
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    Farewell Boleyn

    Post  Tony P on Fri 06 May 2016, 11:07 pm

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    Re: Farewell Boleyn

    Post  Campo on Tue 10 May 2016, 7:09 pm

    Watching on the box
    but I am going to Wembley on the 22nd for the non-league Finals day, whilst in the smoke
    I shall be giving the first game a miss and will go and see the old place before she is torn down
    Stevenage Dave
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    Re: Farewell Boleyn

    Post  Stevenage Dave on Tue 10 May 2016, 7:14 pm

    Can't believe it's gonna be over
    Charlie Ham

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    Re: Farewell Boleyn

    Post  Charlie Ham on Sat 14 May 2016, 10:12 am

    What a good night. I and one of my sons were there at 4 o'clock and a lot of others were there as well. Met up with my other son who was in the Boleyn and we had photo's taken at the BM statue and along Green St. Then went for a walk around the ground. Not many people by the East stand but we wanted to see this and the entrance to the Sir Trevor B stand due to having sat in both stands over the years. Walked back around the BM stand and passed the supporters club, quite busy now, and went to the main gate. Went in and stood next to the player car park. Saw Byram and Oxford parking and Di Canio arriving. Amazed how long it's takes some people to get out of a car once parked. Just after 5:30 one son went off to meet his mates and the two of us went up to the Boleyn. It was packed now and word was a coach was coming which people thought was the Man Utd coach. Turn out to be the WH coach which had trouble getting down Green Street due to two lines of traffic coming up and vehicle parked in front of the shops. Finally we see a number of Police who take some time in sorting room for the coach to come down Green St. Very packed now and we went and stood in Castle St noting people queuing at gates which we'nt open yet, around 6:30. Around 6:45 I think, we went back to Green St having heard another coach was coming which turn out to be the Man Utd coach. Again this one had trouble turning into Green St due to the crowd and when finally turning round got drenched in beer. Thought the Police were rather late on seen and having to play catch up with what was happening. Having seen this go by walked to our entrance in BM upper and went in. Quite a few people inside already and we took our seats to watch what was going on around. Other son turned up around 7:35 saying it was so crowded along Green St that small kits were in trouble of being crushed. Like lots of others we heard the the kick off had been out back to 8:30 so by the time that this had come most people were in their seats. What a game, thought we has blown it when letting them get in front only to come back and win. Enjoyed the after events in which 99% of fans stayed, even some of the Man Utd fans stayed. Sad leaving ground for the last time and walking back into Green St were the Riot Police  had decided it was time to turn up. Bit late as everyone just wanted to get home. Got home around 12:30 so taking in when I left which was 3:00 then this turned out to be a 9 and a half hour football event the longest I've had for a home game.

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    Re: Farewell Boleyn

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