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    West Ham United V Swansea City Explain?

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    West Ham United V Swansea City Explain?

    Post  mottinghammer on Sun 08 May 2016, 9:13 am

    Please could some one explain what went wrong? I never believe the offish, as by that we should have 7-5 and were unlucky!

    Defence on the beach? Bilic got the tictacs wrong? crowd were so up for it the players got scared? Emotion of the last Saturday ever at the Boleyn to much?

    Just please explain ta
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    Re: West Ham United V Swansea City Explain?

    Post  Jiggs on Sun 08 May 2016, 12:47 pm

    Bilic played Antonio at RB and didn't make changes soon enough.
    Other than that I think they were all still half pissed from the awards night.

    Future celebrations should be held off until after the last game of the season, and at least one person
    really should have given great consideration to it this past week, when you consider the importance
    of the occasion.  We're not ready for the European stage, that's apparent, but it shouldn't stop us trying
    to get there if only for the experience.  The extra money and to attract quality players wouldn't go amiss either. 

    Unforgivable really, but then the whole moving thing was and will only ever be, about the board.
    Sod the fans unless they want us to buy something. Sad

    Tony P
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    Re: West Ham United V Swansea City Explain?

    Post  Tony P on Sun 08 May 2016, 8:36 pm

    Poor team selection. Antonio did not need to play at right back. Moses should not have started ahead of Sakho (or Antonio if JT or Byram had been at right back)

    Most of all - poor attitude and application. Once again we underestimated the opposition. They made 6 changes and our players seemed to think that just turning up would be enough to beat them

    A central midfield that once again got bypassed way too easily as the players in there were not disciplined enough to protect their back four and wanted to be Roy of the Rovers by running aimlessly all over the pitch chasing the football. Just marking your man when we lose the ball would be a start. Their No.4 had the run of the midfield yesterday as Noble did not track him once. He was involved in the build up to the first 2 goals and scored the 3rd. I wish they would take a leaf out of Eric Dier's book of how to be a holding midfield player. He does not go looking for glory. He stays in front of his back four protecting them. That allows the creative players and full backs (one at a time of course) to get forward and support the attack

    I find the lack of effort and application astonishing considering that for a lot of the crowd it was their last ever game at Upton Park.

    Charlie Ham

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    Re: West Ham United V Swansea City Explain?

    Post  Charlie Ham on Tue 10 May 2016, 7:34 am

    Could not believe Moses started. Some of Bilic team selections of late have been very questionable and he should take his share of the blame for what is one of our worst performances at home. Just cannot believe we lost 4-1 at home this season. Feel really bad about this result and cannot but think this squad have let down the fans which was our last Saturday home game

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    Re: West Ham United V Swansea City Explain?

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