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    Post  mottinghammer on Fri 23 Jun 2017, 11:23 am

    I'm abit unhappy that Oxford has gone on another season long loan, this time to Borussia Munchengladbach? At least they are a good quality bundaslegara? (my Germans not good) side, but if he's as good as we keep being told why not have him playing in our first team squad. The Ginger Pele wont last forever, Fonte is no spring chicken and  both Reid and Ogbonna have missed plenty of games through injury. 
    Its about time Cullen, Oxford, Burke and co are given a chance. If they are not going to be good enough for our first team now, then release them now. 
    Just saying like, is anybody out there, there, there...................................
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    Post  Jiggs on Sun 25 Jun 2017, 7:34 pm

    I cannot for the life of me understand why our youngsters are not being given a chance. It's getting ridiculous now. How will Oxford be ready for Premiership football next season, if he's been playing in bloody Gremany? 

    They must be as pissed off about it as we are Motty and I'll be surprised if we hold on to them much longer. 

    We were given the nickname, Academy of Football due to the success of our club coaching talented youngsters.  It continues to be used by the club, because it's a free commodity.  The board seem to have no intention to keep it going as they continue to feast off of our past.  More proof they are just a bunch of fraudulent bastards!!   Oxford to de Germans 2723394577

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    Post  JulianDicksLeftKnee on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 1:20 pm

    Don't get it at all. Had a FB row (which I never do) with an "in Slav we trust" type. What's the sense of sending an 18 year old English player to a German similar status club (thereabouts, top-tier mid to lower range). English people are generally so well known for their linguistic flexibility, understanding of different cultures etc (being generalist(). So how will a language and cultural barrier enhance his development? 

    That was my only point of the row (other than maybe there is obviously doubts about his ability or indeed our coaches ability - how dare I??), the location and league stature. Have the Germans promised to play him every game, hire English speaking coaches (although good chance they do speak English as it is more widely spoken as a 2nd language by Europeans) Chumps or Scotland would have made sense surely/less risk of dragging a 18 year old on a large income, away from home country and dumping him in a foreign land??

    I finished the discussion (after I had said well we both have valid opinions - to which I was told I am not qualified to have one (which is true, I only played to a district schools level ad have no coaching qualifications or experience - I don't know what the other persons footballing qualifications were, maybe he was Franz Beckenbauer) and I hoped very much that I was wrong (which I do). I added "I suppose if you want to learn how to defend Germany is not a bad place to go, especially if you haven't got an ex-international World Class defender as a manger..................oh hang on.........."
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    Post  Arran Hobday on Wed 12 Jul 2017, 5:01 pm

    I sat on the fence with this deal to be honest.
    On one hand I think a loan move to the german league will do Oxford Good and he is going out on loan to ad decent side aswell and if they play week in week out that will improve him alot ready for when he comes back which lets not forget he is only 18/19 still. Also a prime example of what a spell playing can do for a young player is Spurs Eric Dier - He was in similar position as Oxford .. Was at Everton never played when to Portugal and played for sporting Lisbon for a year or two and then joined Spurs and now look at him.

    On the other hand however I`d of liked to of seen him stay for at least the pre-season and see how he does etc as has been mention When you take Reid and Ogbonna away it leaves us with two 33/34 year olds as cover in Collins and Fonte But I guess Bilic cant garentee game time for Oxford hence why he has gone out on loan.

    Also I see that Burke was going out on loan but Bilic put a stop to that as he wanted him to train with the squad over Pre-season ... Does this mean he see`s more in Burke then he does Oxford. ?

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