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    Pre-Season: WHUFC vs Altona 8/1/17

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    Pre-Season: WHUFC vs Altona 8/1/17

    Post  westhamonkey on Tue 01 Aug 2017, 7:28 pm

    not gonna pay to watch this and all the sausages I tried got kicked back by my firewall as phishing attempts, so paying scant attention via twitter...

    we went behind after 5 minutes to a free kick

    we equalized 1 minute later thanks to Martinez

    conceded again after 39 minutes - 25 yard shot - so that's a bit like conceding from a free kick (see a pattern developing here?)

    then to finish off the half, cot'n Winston Reid got himself sent off. Ironic clapping was the offense which gave rise to a 2nd yellow card. so a lot of social media types are all up in arms about how shitty the ref is - but if you're on a yellow card, why would you behave like a knob?

    So - half time... we're 2-1 down and reduced to 10 men

    53 minutes, Ayew of all people actually manages to find the back of the net.

    5 minutes later - another free kick gets past the defense and Adrian and we're behind again (just an FYI, Altona are 4th division in Germany)

    72 minutes, Byram crosses for Holland whose "strike trickles over the line. Own goal" so not sure who Holland is - probably not Patsy... but we're back on level terms.

    By the by... Antanowhatsiname is off and Chicharanadez is on

    apparently Chichawhatisface went close on 82 minutes but we held on (against 4th division opposition) for a 3-3 draw...

    Hart didn't play

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