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    It's That Time of the Season Already

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    It's That Time of the Season Already

    Post  westhamonkey on Mon 16 Oct 2017, 8:39 pm

    you know... when the results of other teams are almost more important than what we do... I hate that... couldn't give a toss about any other team(s) so it irks me somewhat to have to be looking at the results of other teams... and it's barely October...

    So today...

    West Brom vs Leicester... I mean... honestly... who gives a shit?

    Leicester are three points behind us with a game in hand... so if they win today then they're level on points with us... so logic dictates we don't want them to win because we need to build a gap between us and the relegation places...

    But then there's the Baggies...

    They're four places above us but only one point to the good... so if we want/need Leicester to lose then that means the Baggies have to win... which will put them 4 points ahead of us and with an increased goal difference - which thanks to our godawful beginning to the season is like a point against us...

    Bt do we really want the mid-table team(s) we should and could be catching and overtaking getting further and further away from us...

    Which means do we want a Leicester victory?

    fupp no... who wants a relegation place team on the same number of points with us?

    So a draw then?

    I mean... maybe, right?

    Leicester would then only be 2 points behind us and the Baggies would only be 2 points further away...

    38 minutes in and we've got what we need... chances of it staying that way? Probably slim to none.

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