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    So... 2018/19

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    So... 2018/19 Empty So... 2018/19

    Post  westhamonkey on Wed 18 Jul 2018, 7:41 pm

    anyone got any thoughts on the comings and... mainly comings... at Upton... I mean the White elephant Stadium?

    I'll put me thoughts down...

    I'm so so happy to see the back of Moyes... thank-you thank-you thank-you...

    We have a manager with a decent pedigree... not to say we haven't under performed with good managers and over performed with less than great managers. But happy to see someone like Pellegrini in charge and eager to see if he can do what has eluded the club for so long... i.e. more than one season of half decent results and performances...

    in terms of the players...

    very happy that Hart returned to Man City

    kinda bummed to see Reece Burke leave as you know... 'the academy' and all that... so not sure what's up with the 'next generation' of west ham home grown stars... I know there's some... but always a bit sad to see one go elsewhere.

    in terms of the players we've brought it... I'll be honest... the only one I've ever heard of is Wilshire, so I've got no idea what to expect... but it is nice to see us buying players from the likes of Lazio, Dortmund and clubs people have actually heard of.

    7 players in... all (or most) of which people in general seem happy with - and we're spending money... which is fun to see.

    it's also nice to see us doing business on a day other than the one where the window closes and we're chasing the players no one else wants like that moment before the lights come up at the disco and you just can't bear to go home alone...

    Glad to see Arnie still with us - please keep him

    If Antonio is over his injuries then he's worth keeping

    we still have Noble... I doubt we'll ever get rid of him (although we did get rid of Bobby Moore, so it's not like we can't survive past shipping out fan favorites) but I guess he'll be here till he retires and I guess it'll keep the fickle fans onside, so as a club ambassador it's not the worst idea but he needs to be slowly moved out of the first team...

    anyway... I'm sure I can't be the only one but a piss poor display against pretty much non-league Austrian talent aside... I'm actually looking forward to the new season very much...
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    Post  mottinghammer on Tue 24 Jul 2018, 11:25 pm

    Fairly positive about the upcoming season, Sullivan has shut up and allowed people with more experience in football matters to get players in. I think it'll take time for them to gel, and I dont expect us to tear  up the  table, but a steady start and decent football would be a good way forward. 

    To go (IMHO)  Reid, Byram, Kouyote, Hugill, Cullen, Oxford, Martinez and Samuelson can't really see any of them getting near the first team so get rid. Should get decent money on three or four of them and release cash for wages. 

    Keep Antonio, Obiang, Rice (get his contract sorted he could be the Irish Bobby Moore!), Masaku, Cresswell, Adrian. 

    My XI for tbe game at Liverpool 

    Fredricks.                   Diop.            Balbonia?         Cresswell
                                          Obiang.    Rice
    Yamalenko.                    Wilshire.                   Anderson

    Once Herndaez is back I'd have him alongside Arnie in home games and play one defensive midfielder,  in away games I'd play with two defensive midfielders. 
    That gives us depth in the squad,  Fabienski in goal (he'll be no 1 I feel), Zaballta, Masaku, Noble, Antonio, Edmilson, Ogbonna, Carroll (get rid as soon as we can, even I've lost patience now) 

    So another relegation roller coaster?  Or scaring the pants of the Arse, Cheats and spuds to become London top dogs? 
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    Post  Arran on Wed 25 Jul 2018, 8:15 am

    Got to admit , In all my time supporting West Ham I`ve never been so excited about a Premier league season starting.
    I truely believe we`ve had one of our best transfer windows we`ve ever had , Certainly under this current board and on top of that we`ve now got a Highly rated Title winning Manager under Pellerigni and their is a generally good atmasphere around the club now unlike last season.

    I think providing we don`t get any real serious injuries I don`t see why we can`t be looking at the Top 7 this season in my opinion as we`ve got cover now in most areas bar the Strikering positions but I do generally believe that Pellegrini will look to bring in a forward be it on loan or a permenant deal.

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