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    Post  Hungry Hammer 66 on Wed 22 Jan 2014, 10:47 pm

    So Sunderland beat Chelscum and Red scum to get to a Wembly final and we loose
    14-0 to Forest and Man city and every West Ham fan travelling in their thousands, spending their hard earned money were treated with utter contempt, no apology and told by Fat Sham when why he didn't apologise "For What"

    I've been telling you all for two years that the no good incompitent decision makers in charge of our club (yes like all before them) are fecking us up royaly, the current team / squad assembled by the muppets that run us are not only useless but more importantly don't want to play for us, no one of any quality  wants to sign for us and any one on this site that continues to stand by our clubs decision makers are attached to their arseholes by their tongues and or can only be related to the no good useless cnuts !!!!

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