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    West Ham V Spurs

    Charlie Ham

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    West Ham V Spurs

    Post  Charlie Ham on Sat 23 Sep 2017, 8:48 pm

    West Ham 2 Spurs 3

    Still a bit annoyed with today’s game so won’t say a lot.
    My observation:

    1. Not keen on our team selection. I know Bilic had to make some changes but we did not put Spurs under pressure in first half.
    2. Tactics were wrong.
    3. His substitution of Antonio for Carroll I think was a mistake and I would have put on Ayew.
    4. I’m not keen on Noble and as soon as I heard the team thought we would lose.
    5. The referee was just awful and let spurs get away with murder in the first half.
    Kray JR

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    Re: West Ham V Spurs

    Post  Kray JR on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 8:20 am

    Noble had one of his better games today.

    Just watched again on Match Of The Day.

    The goals got picked apart on there.

    The first goal comes from a loose ball by Andy Carroll but
    I still can't believe none of the so called experts spoke
    about Kouyate turning sideways to let the ball pass him.
    Maybe there was a call from someone god knows but it
    looked ridiculous to me. Also highlighted was Cresswell
    running out and playing offside on his own and Ogbonna
    taking no notice of Allis run either.

    The second goal came from Andy Carrolls failure to hold up the ball
    but yet again big questions on our defending, just ball watching
    no real intent on marking or tracking runners.

    The third goal came from a blatant dive from Alli which nobody even
    spoke about in commentary he won the free kick which hit the post was put
    back in and there was Eriksen with the nobody near him to slot home.

    Talk about great character shown by us but as per usual shocking decisions
    from our players when it came to defending.

    There was talk in the media of us turning a corner.......with clean sheets
    against Huddersfield West Brom and the mighty Bolton but I don't
    think many fans were getting that carried away.

    Massive game against Swansea next week. 442 needed for me. Smile

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